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Luc Conrad used to be a police detective. Now he’s an undertaker, whose job is usually to comfort and console the bereaved. But as soon as Luc starts to suspect foul play, his inner sleuth takes over – and so do the headaches for his ex, Inspector Anna-Maria Giovanoli.
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Season 2 Trailer

The hit Swiss mystery-comedy returns with all-new episodes! Mike Müller stars as Luc Conrad, an undertaker whose investigative instincts always get the better of him. Season 2 begins with a puzzling murder case that leads Luc and his friends to uncover a sinister smuggling ring in the heart of the breathtakingly beautiful Swiss countryside.
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A former detective with the local Canton police in Aarau, Luc left the force to take over his late father’s funeral business – but his investigative instincts still tend to get the better of him! He also still has quite a thing for his ex, chief inspector Anna-Maria Giovanoli, and is always on-hand to help out with her cases.

A chief inspector with the local Canton police in Aarau, Anna-Maria appreciates Luc’s frequent assistance – they still make a great team. She takes immense pride in her job, and so doesn’t take kindly when the federal police send their own officer to oversee her latest investigation…

A French-speaker from Lausanne, Pedro is assigned to assist the local Aarau police when a double murder case leads them to uncover a fiendish organ trafficking ring. Sparks fly the moment notorious ladies’ man Pedro walks into Anna-Maria’s station – much to Luc’s dismay.

He may look like a reject from a Cure tribute band, but sensitive Fabio has proven himself to be a very talented mortician, and an invaluable member of the Conrad Institute team. His other interests include gardening and (hopefully) finally getting his driver’s license!

Erika is an old friend of Luc’s father (she’s not Luc’s mom, so don’t even go there) and the tireless engine that drives the business of the Conrad Institute funeral home. She’s not too happy about having to move into swanky new digs at the start of Season 2, but she’s always there for Luc and Fabio (no, she’s not his mom either.)

When he’s not at the station being Anna-Maria’s long-suffering lieutenant, Dörig moonlights as an apartment manager – alimony plus paying for his daughter Vanessa’s very expensive school add up to more than he can manage on a cop’s salary alone. On the rare occasions when he’s not working, Dörig enjoys tossing back a few beers (and plenty of wurst) with Luc.

Semmelweis brings new meaning to the word “sardonic” – he just may be the most sardonic “sardonic pathologist” of them all! Maybe because he’s Austrian. Or maybe because behind his sardonic facade lies some dark secrets. But most likely, he just likes being sardonic.

Eva is a Moldovan cleaner working illegally in Switzerland. When her husband goes missing, Eva is determined to find out what happened to him – and also determined to find a way to pay for the urgent medical care that their daughter Polina so desperately needs. Her quest leads her to become the centerpiece in Pedro’s organ trafficking investigation – but Anna-Maria and Luc are wary of putting her in such danger…

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