MHz Choice Trailer

Premiering December 13, 2016
The Weissensee Saga (SEASON 3) (Germany)

Premiering January 3, 2017
Inspector Coliandro (SEASON 1) (Italy)

Premiering January 17, 2017
Murders at Barlume (NEW SERIES) (Italy)

Premiering January 24, 2017
The Churchmen
(SEASON 3) (France)

Premiering January 31, 2017
Agatha Christie’s Family Murder Party (NEW SERIES) (France)

Premiering February 7, 2017
Corp + Anam (NEW SERIES) (Ireland)

Premiering February 14, 2017
A French Village (SEASON 6 Watch Trailer) (France)

Premiering in 2017*
Aldo Moro: 55 Days To Death (NEW SERIES) (Italy)
Anti-Drug Squad (NEW SEASON) (Italy)
Anti-Mafia Squad (NEW SERIES) (Italy)
Arne Dahl (NEW SEASON) (Sweden)
Baantjer Mysteries (NEW SEASON) (Netherlands)
The Bridge (SEASON 3) (Denmark) Digital download & DVD only
Bulletproof Heart (NEW SERIES) (Italy)
Bukow and König (NEW EPISODE) (Germany)
Camorra Connection (NEW SERIES) (Italy)
Homicide Unit Istanbul (SEASON 2) (Germany)
Lampedusa (NEW SERIES) (Italy)
Luisa Spagnoli (NEW SERIES) (Italy)
Magellan (NEW SERIES) (France)
Spiral (NEW SEASON) (France)
The Fat And The Angry (NEW SERIES) (Sweden)
The Last Godfather (NEW SERIES) (Italy)
The Undertaker (NEW SEASON) (Switzerland)
Tatort: Cologne (NEW SEASON) (Germany)
Turkish For Beginners (NEW SEASON) (Germany)
* More premieres coming! We’ll post updates as we have them.

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